Confused Words: altar vs alter

1. ``Well, suppose you were to a signal, and substitute another?''
2. The main is dominated by a statue of Amitabha Buddha.
3. The main , the central one, is in the name of Saint Mary.
4. She differs in her ability to her skin pigmentation to look like a human, Atlantean, or Lemurian.
5. Mr. Dick, who is to give my darling to me at the , has had his hair curled.
6. The is a reproduction of a Spanish of St.
7. Such medals are still considered contemporary and the ations do not their value.
8. Such changes could significantly Egypt's economic landscape.
9. Men generally, under such a government as this, think that they ought to wait until they have persuaded the majority to them.
10. ``No, you will lose it, for you are going to your correspondent's message.''
11. Many cards the effects of other cards.
12. The video features Jo Calderone, Gaga's male ego, who is also featured on the single's cover, and Yüyi, her mermaid ego.
13. At the base of the were found the remains of more than 400 pottery vessels.
14. Men, generally, under such a government as this, think that they ought to wait until they have persuaded the majority to them.
15. The act did not the status of any existing fee farm grants.
16. Augusta tried to persuade Julia to leave Mason at the .
17. A baldachin, or baldaquin (from ), is a canopy of state over an or throne.
18. Humanity had been strong, energetic, and intelligent, and had used all its abundant vitality to the conditions under which it lived.
19. With an encouraging nod or two, he immediately went out to the arrangements, and left her by herself to follow as she had proposed.
20. The main was sculpted in 1775-1776 to a design by Ferdinando Fuga.
21. ``You have, then, been induced to your opinion; you have had some proofs of their truth?''
22. After some initial hesitation several Bloods walk up to the .
23. There is another in the north aisle.
24. He designed the of Forgiveness at the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.
25. They were all three standing in a knot in front of the .
26. He is frequently seen to be making a sacrifice on a small .
27. In changes of this nature, there will be little or no tendency to the original pattern, or to transpose the parts.
28. A few substances the way sweet taste is perceived.
29. Then the count knelt down by the side of the bed, which death had converted into an .
30. ``But people themselves so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.''
31. However, it was too late to the matter now, so I locked it up in my private safe and turned once more to my work.
32. An ego is an nate personality or persona.
33. There are two smaller s, to the front of the main .
34. ``This is, indeed, the reason why I begged you to the order of the questions.''
35. I only wonder I didn't fall down and do a faint right there before the ."
36. Lucas guild relic that had been stored in the guild of the St.
37. Other compounds may perception of sweetness itself.
38. In the interior, the houses a miraculous icon of the Madonna.
39. In reality, it would be five churches facing a single .
40. I went to the with him with the intention to make him just as good a wife as it was in me to be.

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