Confused Words: bazaar vs bizarre

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1. (As in "Alice in Wonderland", the protagonist has followed a rabbit through a tunnel, with sometimes consequences.)
2. At the same time, a new crime wave hits the city.
3. Prior to that, she appeared in a few other TV series including the popular " Bunch" in 2005 by KBS.
4. She illustrated for Harper's , St.
5. Birnagar has several markets, including Rail ,Boro and Palitpara, where mostly people came here for marketing from the several parts like Bespur.The biggest Business place in Birnagar is Rail .
6. Maitland's other works include: Written for sale at a was "The Owl: a Didactic Poem.
7. She regularly contributed covers for such magazines as Harper's , Vogue, Town Country, Good Housekeeping, and Woman's Day.
8. The fifth track is her sweet cover of New Order’s “ Love Triangle”.
9. After two years, she returned to New York and became an ad salesperson for "Harper's ".
10. Leo spends most of 2002 coping with his and criminal family.
11. Similar to a night market or a , a group of vendors gather in an outdoor space on certain days of the week.
12. If you look around the old you will still find relics of these ancient cultures.
13. His inspirations, plots and themes were often and at times bordered on the berserk.
14. Paltan () or Polton is a locality of Guwahati, Assam.
15. The mark then finds him/herself in some , unbelievable situation.
16. A variety of medical experiments were conducted on the prisoners at Zhongma Fortress.
17. The Dunmore Pineapple is a folly said to "rank as the most building in Scotland."
18. Beatrix Ong began her career in fashion as an intern at "Harper's " in New York.
19. Other events such as the Arts and Crafts Auction and and the Ronald McGlaughlin Artisans Fair are community affairs that draw residents and visitors alike.
20. Another possibility, if a rather one, is the gardener.
21. The building housed, among other businesses, Reed's .
22. "Æon Flux" was set in a , dystopian future world.
23. I walked about the streets where the best shops for ladies were, I haunted the like an unquiet spirit, I fagged through the Park again and again, long after I was quite knocked up.
24. They are unwilling to accept such a idea.
25. When the sultan returned he brought 70 slaves whom he bought from Mecca's Slave .
26. A business colleague described the group as "", and that they "walk around like zombies.
27. The mall has Food , E-Zone, Pantaloons as its major Anchors.
28. Enhanced by parasites or other magic, they are then pitted against one another or , monstrous creatures.
29. This philosophy was popularized by Eric S. Raymond in his 1997 essay The Cathedral and the , where Raymond stated "Release early.
30. Engstler was involved in a incident at the 2009 WTCC meeting at Pau.
31. Other things start happening around the Saiko Lake community.
32. His sadism comes out again and he murders the woman, but Annie wakes up and sees it happening.
33. Upon completion of the assignment, he returned to New York and began working with the late Liz Tilberis and Fabien Baron of "Harper's ".
34. It has good number of retail and textile stores such as Chermas, Big , Chandana Brothers, Deco Aro, RS Brothers.
35. The first song on the EP is "The Grand ", which was recorded during "The Edges of Twilight" sessions in December 1994 at A Studios in Los Angeles.
36. "As a rule," said Holmes, "the more a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be.
37. A combination and poorly executed.
38. What if there is another take to her activity?
39. On the night of 1 December 2008, a fire that started from a floating restaurant destroyed the larger of city's two markets called the lower .
40. It is surrounded by the localities of Pan , Dighalipukhri, Rehabari, Fancy .

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