Confused Words: complement vs compliment

1. ``A ,''said the Marquis,``to the grandeur of the family, merited by the manner in which the family has sustained its grandeur.
2. But the ship, having her full of seamen, spurned his suit; and not all the King his father's influence could prevail.
3. He did not take the identification as a ; but he made the best of it, and turned it off with a laugh.
4. I shall Mademoiselle Danglars on her cameo, while the father talks to you.''
5. Beam - The width of the ship - The full number of people required to operate a ship.
6. I would rather be paid the of being believed sincere.
7. After the full was achieved in December 1995, there were no further launches until December 1999.
8. The novel also deals with significant business and financial aspects which the adventure.
9. When I was presented to him, he gave me a close embrace, a I could well have excused.
10. We'll drink the daisies of the field, in to you; and the lilies of the valley that toil not, neither do they spin, in to me--the more shame for me!'
11. Accept my thanks for the you are paying me.
12. ``To yield without conviction is no to the understanding of either.''
13. A specific example of a set with an enumeration but not a computable enumeration is the of the halting set.
14. Allow me to you on your knowledge; such learning is very rare among ladies.''
15. I didn't care nothing for the , but I was glad to be let off, anyway.
16. The fort's military was 176 men, including officers and artillerymen.
17. Some of her of 220 men served in the field with the Naval Brigade.
18. Eventually the ship was crushed and sunk, stranding its 28-man on the ice.
19. ``Do you not think it would be a proper to the place?''
20. ``It is a which I never pay to any place if I can avoid it.''
21. ``If you her at all, let it be on her voice, at least,''said Monte Cristo.
22. Its normal crew is 38 civilians and no military personnel.
23. activation leads to destruction of the basement membrane.
24. On the rocky moors the various lichens and mosses each other in colorful picturesque scenery.
25. In addition there was the usual of quartermaster and sanitary and medical detachments.
26. Elizabeth said nothing, but it gratified her exceedingly; the must be all for herself.
27. This field laboratory was intended to the MSU College of Fisheries program in freshwater aquaculture.
28. His wish of introducing his sister to her was a of the highest kind.
29. I tasted them out of to Nature, though they were scarcely palatable.
30. Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a .
31. The ones' plus the 1 is the two's .
32. I acknowledged this , and ordered the negus, which was soon produced.
33. The to herself and her sister was not unfelt.
34. and his predecessors; and he saw that the was not half empty.
35. The complete protein of a cell or organism is known as the proteome.
36. Madame Defarge received it as a , and looked at her husband.
37. It uses narrative sources to its discoveries.
38. Let us now our economic achievements with social, cultural, and spiritual development.
39. And style assessment can also the search for personality disorder.
40. Ships of this class were long, displaced and had a of about 35.

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