Confused Words: principal vs principle

1. The aspects that should be part of any program are:
2. The of Heaven and Earth—people’s affairs should follow that .
3. The are, The produce of French prizes..............
4. Holidays are a of Community law from which there could be no derogations.
5. There is some other which determines him to form such a conclusion.
6. ``You are right that is the on which I wish to act.''
7. This has been described as the of 'supervening fault'.
9. towns--why, what ARE those creatures, making honey down there?
10. Those are the points about which I wished to be absolutely clear.
11. This is, in brief, the employed for work under water.
12. Bingley was the spokesman, and Miss Bennet the object.
13. The of the school is Bill Crane.
14. ``I do it because it's politic; I do it on .
15. The of the Academy is Jay Sumpter.
16. The of Berthoud High School is Chris Garcia, the Assistant is Chase McBride.
17. The following are some of his writings:
18. Mr. Stickel was from 2009-2012.
19. The of the college is the Chief Warden.
20. An example of this is the assimilation rule (see below).
21. I leave it to your own reflection to pursue the consequences of this .
22. In Freudian terms, the pleasure is modified by the reality .
23. He considered this a basic that could be applied to all languages.
24. I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in .
25. The town of Österlen is Simrishamn.
26. But it is very far from true that the is a modern discovery.
27. This is used to optimize the separation efficiency.
28. (That is, the phonemic has been given priority over the etymological in this case.)
29. Dhasal adheres to this in his private life.
30. The disproportion would have been too great between the value of the accessory and that of the .
31. Seema Sapru the was given the role of a in it.
32. Officials Accountability System
33. This is known as Henneman's Size .
34. Jeff Woods is the . Renee Moore is the Assistant
35. The is Mette Damgaard-Sørensen (Denmark).
36. The current of NAM is Padmanabhan.
37. The school's is Jeff Lindeman.
38. A supporting character is "J.D."
39. The chief examples of the of stationary action are Maupertuis' and Hamilton's .
40. The primary of Slovak spelling is the phonemic .

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