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Sentences Containing 'winnow'

These I heated before the fire, as well as I could, and rubbed them till the husks came off, which I made a shift to winnow from the grain.
Rub the husks between the hands to separate the seed and chaff, then winnow out the trash.

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Maybe you are studying for a standardized test like the GRE, ACT, SAT, or TOEFL? Or perhaps you are simply wanting to improve your reading comprehension and writing skills. In either case the vocabulary builder can help in your quest to expand your lexicon. We recommend a daily dose to slowly build your vocabulary one new word at a time. Incorporating just one new word into your word-stock each day will dramatically improve your comprehension, communication skills, and perhaps even change your life (stranger things have happened).

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Contextual Learning by Example

The human brain does not learn well by definition alone and reading comprehension is one of the most difficult things to master. Providing a context for each new vocabulary word is perhaps more important than the definition, because the brain is constantly evaluating the meaning and usage of a word in relation to the words around it. You've probably already discovered this for yourself when encountering a never-before-seen vocabulary word and successfully inferring its meaning from the surrounding words, phrases, and clauses. In order to cement your learning of each new vocabulary word, we provide a list of sentences to go along with each word. Build your vocabulary in the proper context.

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